Not a Roadhog member, but still want to use the park?

Guests are welcome! The documents below will help you to have a great time in our park.

Welcome Brochure

This brochure tells you everything you want to know about the park and how to become a Roadhog yourself. 

Park Map

Learn the layout of our park by taking a look at the entire property of the Arkansas Roadhogs and each RV Lot.


Site Lease Holders $10 per night

Electrical Waiting List $15 per night for electrical site 

Electrical Waiting List $26 per weekend dry camping

Members leaving RV on gravel lot $20 per week, $50 per month  

Non-member gravel parking $150 per weekend.

Non-members pay $40 per night outside of football season for an electrical site.

Call the Park Manager for rates and instructions on which spaces are available for occupancy.  

(479) 409-8178

Frequently Asked Questions  “Football Visitors”

Q: I’d like to bring my RV to Roadhog Park for a football game. How does that work?

A: Roadhog Park has a flat, gravel lot where non-Roadhog Members may park on football game weeks for $150.00 for the weekend. It’s a first-come-first-served lot until the lot is full and we no longer have room. You can get water when you get here, and we have four dump stations which you can utilize, but there is no electricity or other utilities. We can traditionally handle all who come, with the exception of “big games”, such as Alabama and LSU. Our lot holds roughly 85-100 RVs.

Q: Can I run my generator?

A: Motorhomes may run generators if they have a “generator stack” or “Venturi tube”, which exhausts fumes above the RV. Trailers are parked around the outer edges, and may run external generators as long as they can be placed behind the RV so as to control noise and fumes.

Q: Can I bring a tow car, and, can I have friends over to tailgate?

A: Yes, each RV may have one car on the lot in addition to his RV. You can have visitors, but they cannot bring cars to the lot—they must park elsewhere and either be picked up or walk to the park.

Q: I am not a Roadhog member. Can I make reservations for an RV parking space?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I park on a site with electricity?

A: No, all electrical sites are exclusive to qualified Roadhog Members during football season.

Frequently Asked Questions  “Visitors – Non Football Weeks”

Q: I’d like to bring my RV to Roadhog Park on a Non-Football week. How does that work?

A: Outside of Football Season & on Non-Football weeks Non-members pay $40 per night for an electrical site with water.